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New Beginnings is a company established by Leon and Angela Haskins in the year 2003, by combining years of administrative and maintenance experience to create a well balanced, family based company with a personal touch to please not just the average customer but the extraordinary customer as well.


Leon Haskins has been in the janitorial/maintenance business since a teen. Helping his father and brother in the family owned business. In the mid 80's after meeting his future wife, he attended Bronx Community College where he obtained his license in building and facilities maintenance.  He has since applied that knowledge to hospitals, schools, properties, YMCA, AMF Bowling Lanes and Kmart to mention a few.

Angela began working in her future husbands family owned business in the early 80's doing the accounting and billing. She has since applied her accounting and administrative skills in a variety of businesses. A vast amount of that knowledge and experience came managing a janitorial maintenance company  in New York; averaging 70 accounts; both commercial and residential. With clients such as Kmart, Home Depot, Medical Facilities and Property Management Companies, including the properties owned and managed by the company itself.

Angela Haskins brings to the business the respect and consideration that you just do not see today. That with her accounting and operations experience New Beginnings is that of a breath of fresh air and a team of brains, brawns and good ole common sense.

Collectively, New Beginnings has obtained several licensees: to include boilers license, mechanics license, Asbestos and also  HVAC certification. With over 30 years of experience, New Beginnings believes in getting the job done, the old fashion way if need be. Even in this day of new age technology; when these new machines break down as they sometimes do; we get the job done the "ole fashioned way. We go back to the basics. Back to good ole manual labor, (our motto is: "We get the job done"

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